What’s your top RPG battle themes?

We all have our own list of our favorite RPG battle themes. Whether it’s the epic One-Winged Angel from Final Fantasy VII, The Meaning of Birth from Tales of the Abyss, or World Revolution from Chrono Trigger, for instance, we all have our “#1″s.

A trio of YouTube users have created a list of their top 100 RPG battle themes from a wide variety of games; some of these games I have not played myself, but the themes are quite amazing nonetheless. Check them out!

Arkenryu’s Playlist

SetyII’s Playlist

Underworld23’s Playlist

What’s your top 100 (or top 10) RPG battle themes? What’s your opinion about these personal playlists? Do you believe your favorite song is at the “right rank” or should it higher on the list?


Mother 3 Translation Patch 1.0 Released

At long last, the sequel to Mother 2 (EarthBound in the U.S.A.) is playable in English! Though this patch was officially released yesterday, the news is still exhilarating for all fans of the EarthBound series!

Don’t know anything about the EarthBound? You can view information about this awesome and quirky SNES game down below.


Thanks to a massive fan translation project, a patch is available – with instructions on what you need to do. You can find it at the site below, and you can read more about the team there.


Thank you from EarthBound fans everywhere!

Source: http://mother3.fobby.net/

*Taps microphone* Is this thing on?

So, if you are viewing this, which… I guess you are, then everything looks to be up and all.

I hope to post often about some random gaming things as well as goings on on the web about new technology for the web, and, as is in my blog subtitle, I also will post some completely random things from time to time.

Anyways, great to be here!