Semi-live listen and review of Summoning of Spirits

Hey there.

I’ve been able to download a few tracks from the Summoning of Spirits arrangement by remixers from Overclocked Remix.

From the tracks I’ve listened to, which are all very good, I just wanted to highlight some of them that are my personal favorites at the moment. I know very little about music; these are just the thoughts of “yet another blogger” on some very cool music. 🙂

So, here goes…

Beyond Absentminded (Remix of “Be Absentminded” from Tales of Phantasia by Hale-Bopp)

This piece is a vocal piece whereas the in-game piece was all instrumental.  Hale-Bopp makes this song even better and more emotional with excellent lyrics. Absolutely amazing.

Desert Nights (Remix of “Desert Flower” from Tales of Symphonia by Usa)

This one has surprised me the most thus far. Who knew that Triet could be remixed as a disco song? Extremely catchy. Here is yet another must listen to song. Well done on this one.

Apogee (Remix of “Last Battle ~ Decision ~” from Tales of Symphonia by Andy Jayne, The Joker, and Fishy)

This is my favorite song from Tales of Symphonia, and I’ve always wanted to hear a mix of it just like this. An excellent rock remix this is.

Summoned Without Reason (Remix of “The Second Act” from Tales of Phantasia by Sixto Sounds)

My favorite map music from Tales of Phantasia. This song was practically begging for a rock remix and Sixto Sounds delivers that and more with this mix.

Once again, a big thanks to all the remixers for an awesome tribute to the “Tales of” games in Summoning of Spirits!

I certainly look forward to listening to more of these excellent remixes tomorrow.

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  1. Thanks for the kind words! Glad to hear you’re enjoying our labor of love.

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