Semi-live listen and review of Summoning of Spirits Part 2

Hey all.

Well I’ve gotten the chance to download even more arrangements from Overclocked Remix’s Summoning of Spirits album. As before, I’m just picking out my personal favorites.

The Unholy Wars (Remix of “Fighting of the Spirit” from Tales of Phantasia by Dhsu, and Sixto Sounds)

Oh yes! This song thoroughly kicks axe! I remember first hearing S.S.H’s arrangement of this song (still awesome to this day) and instantly wanted to hear more arrangements that could give this song the total ‘rockin’ out’ that it deserved – this arrangement delivers just that. Very highly recommended.

Chaotic Heart (Remix of “Raine” from Tales of Symphonia by Sixto Sounds)

This piece was a surprise remix just like Usa’s. I’m amazed at just how good Raine’s theme sounds when given just a little tender lovin’ rock ‘n roll treatment. Wow.

Airborne (Remix of “Aviator” from Tales of Phantasia by Dhsu)

Dhsu brings his superb skills with the piano to the Aviator track from Tales of Phantasia. I’ve always loved listening to the piano – with its magnificent diversity, and Dhsu keeps taking it to the next level each time I listen to one of his mixes. I absolutely love the buildup at around 1:38 and onward. Beautiful and very highly recommended.

Chronometrical (Remix of “Stream of Time” from Tales of Phantasia by The Joker)

Starting off with but the ticking of a clock, The Joker then brings in some incredible sounding bass, synth, and a bit of techno in this wonderful arrangement. I’d truly love to hear this in the original game. And in the latter part of this, I can’t help but think of Chrono Trigger (the scene and music where Crono first went back in time) – guess it’s just me (and the “Chrono” part of the name). 🙂 Highly recommended.

This Fate (Remix of “Kratos” from Tales of Symphonia by Christian Pacaud)

From the arrangement of the Wind Scene from Chrono Trigger, to Antegenesis (Christian’s awesome arrangement of Beat the Angel from this same game), and to This Fate, Christian Pacaud displays a wide array of musical talent and This Fate is no exception – and it happens to be in a favorite genre of mine: orchestral. This Fate is a song and a story of Kratos skillfully woven into one. Highly recommended.

The Koan of Drums (Remix of “Desolate Road” from Tales of Phantasia by djpretzel)

I must admit, I always breezed right past where this music played, but from the man that needs no introduction comes this superb arrangement and interpretation. If this had been the original song from the game, I would’ve had one save dedicated to just sitting there listening to this. Absolutely beautiful mix that takes the original, transforms it into an awesome dance-like track, and also outdoes it in every way.

as time goes on (Remix of “As Time Goes On” from Tales of Phantasia by the prophet of mephisto)


No Better Time Than Now (Remix of “This Isn’t The Time” from Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World by Nutritious, and poolgirl)

Two amazing vocal mixes that do incredible justice to the original source material and are well worth the download. Both of these arrangements add enormously to the original song, and draw you in. Very highly recommended.

Every remix keeps getting better as I download them, and I can’t really rank them on a 1 to … scale – they’re all well worth the download and listen and are exquisite forms of art – each of them tells a part of the story in their own way. As with last time, I’m certainly looking forward to the rest!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, my media player’s on the…(no idea)…time through all of these arrangements. 🙂

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  1. Hi there! Thanks for stopping by my humble little adobe on the web (and a very belated thanks to KyleJCrb).

    I just happen to be listening to “Sacred Ashes” and “Harmonious” at this moment – so beautiful. Thanks for the wonderful remixes!

    *laughs* However, they’re also keeping me from finishing my little programming project because I keep stopping to admire the music! 🙂

  2. Very glad to hear you’re enjoying the project! Thanks for your comments.

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