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Super Smash Bros. Brawl Computer Player Humor

It’s been 1 year and, now, 4 days since Super Smash Bros. Brawl was released in the U.S.A. for the Wii, and the game is still one of the most addictively fun games for the Wii – you get to beat up Nintendo characters with other Nintendo characters, what’s not fun about that? 🙂 You can prove that Mario is the best video game character of all time (which, in my completely unbiased and ever so humble opinion, he is), or that Sonic absolutely rules – it’s all there.

From time to time, however, it’s also equally fun to watch the computer face off against itself, and this is where some unintended hilarity can ensue. So, I thought I’d share some of the funniest things I’ve watched the computer do whilst observing it in various matches. I’ll list if it was a normal brawl or a special brawl (and what specific options I selected). One more thing, unless otherwise specified, the difficulty level of the computer was set to 9.

Wario “Waft Out”

The Wario Waft is amazingly powerful and just down right funny to behold. However, sometimes it can also be a guaranteed knock-out if used in certain places or conditions. Set up a Special Brawl with 4 Warios with the size set on mini and set the gravity to light. Once that is done, set this match to take place on a stage like Battlefield. Now, just wait and watch – eventually, after Wario has “held it in” long enough, he’ll use his waft … and away he’ll go – even if he uses on the ground, he’ll still K.O. himself! It’s even funnier when he’s Wario-Man. 🙂

“The Landmaster Down Under”

For this particular gem, you’ll want to set either Fox, Falco, or Wolf to the difficulty level of 1. It’s even better if they are on your team. Now, select any stage (it’s funnier with a stage in the sky, like Skyworld or even Final Destination), and let Fox (or Falco or Wolf) get the Smash Ball and call down the Landmaster. They’ll come down in the Landmaster… and “roll over” the other computer players just once and ride off the stage! This is especially hilarious with Falco. For some reason, though, I haven’t seen Wolf do this as much…

“PK Down Thunder”

Now this one is the most random of all. It seems to happen quite equally from as low as level 1 to as high as level 9. I’ve noted that PictoChat or New Pork City seem to be the most likely stages for this to happen on. For this, you’ll let a computer player play as Lucas or Ness. For some reason, sometimes they’ll aim their PK Thunder in down-right direction instead of an up-right or even straight right direction, miss the ledge and just fall straight down. I suppose the computer somehow hopes the stage will “tilt” a bit like the Lylat Cruise stage does if PK Thunder hits the edge perhaps? 😛

Sonic’s “Up, Up, and Away!”

I’ve yet to see a computer do this, but I admit I have done it once. Naturally, this humorous event involves Sonic’s Up Special Move. Kind of like how if Wario jumps high enough and uses his Wario Waft he’ll be knocked out is how this works as well – jump up high and use Sonic’s Up Special Move, and you’ll spring right out of the stage! Quite hilarious, actually.

As for matches that I’m in with the computers, there’s one particular thing I love doing. In a 2 versus 2 where Jigglypuff uses its Final Smash, wait for just the right moment (around when Jigglypuff says “Jiggly!”) and throw the other team’s partner up there and watch him or her get knocked out. Everytime I play a match with computers, the opposing team always has Jigglypuff as a team member. 🙂

Hope you enjoyed some of those or will try them out later on (if you haven’t seen them yet). If you have some other humorous things that the Super Smash Bros. Brawl computer players do, please let me know!


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  1. Hiya there Davis, thanks for stopping by and the comment!

    Melee was awesome then and is still fun now – I go back every now and then to play it.

    Heck, I still pick up the Nintendo 64 version from time to time, but it sure feels awkward. 🙂

  2. I still remember the fun of playing Melee when my son was younger.

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