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Hilarious videogame reaction chart

Hey there.

I was surfing the “interwebz” as usual and came across this hilarious image from GameSpy. It certainly does describe the usual reactions, in my view. Numbers 2 and 6 made me laugh out loud. 🙂

A humorous videogame message board reaction chart from GameSpy

A humorous videogame message board reaction chart from GameSpy

As for PC gamers, I do believe all of the reactions would be “LOL @ All”.

And here’s a link to the original picture:
Videogame Message Board Reaction Chart


2 Responses

  1. Hey there. Thanks for the comment!

    And yeah, I think the Wii is the attempt at a peacekeeper and the Xbox and Playstation are the disgruntled ones fragging the Wii “part”, camping its “respawn” point, and then arguing who has the most power. 😛

    I think the “PlayBoxWii60”, though, would look kinda like one of the villains in the series “Go! Go! Parody Rangers” (Part 2, I think) on Newgrounds. Here’s a link if you wanna check it out:

  2. I think the problem with the PlayBoxWii60 is when it realises its origins, and attempts to tear itself apart, all the while the Wii part is yelling “We can still be friends!!!”

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