What’s up?

Hey everyone!

*checks date

Only 3 years since I’ve posted anything here… not too long…

So, what’s up?

Well… one thing I’ve been up to recently is entering a video game music remix competition on the OverClocked ReMix forums, titled ‘Mega Man & Sonic the Hedgehog – Blue Bomber Blue Blur Collision Competition‘!

For this remix competition, once it begins, 12 participants will be divided into teams of 6 – one team representing the Blue Bomber (Mega Man), and one team representing the Blue Blur (Sonic the Hedgehog). Initially, each remixer picked 3 sources from each series (since they’ll be divided into teams later, as mentioned above). If you’re interested in who picked what, here’s a list of songs each remixer picked! Once teams have been formed, each remixer will be pitted against a remixer on the other team, each week for six weeks.

I initially entered on the Blue Bomber’s team, but it turned out several others wanted to be on the Blue Bomber’s team as well!

So, in order to balance the teams, and in deference to my friends who love to mix Mega Man, I, and therex, gladly agreed to switch to the Blue Blur’s side.

I’m not entirely sure how DarkeSword will determine teams in the end… but…

Either way, regardless of team, I’m just excited to remix!

I’ve entered under my forum name, Mr. L, but I’m hoping I can tag my entries with my Last.fm artist name, which is Warp Star Knight; I plan to upload my entries there for anyone and everyone to listen to / download them if they wish (same with my SoundCloud page)!

Thanks for reading!

I do hope to have something for you to listen to soon! 😀

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