Kaleidoscope: Original Soundtrack – Colorfully Nostalgic

I must admit, I’m behind the times when it comes to new things on the web; it’s partially my dial-up modem’s fault, and partially totally not my fault. But, hey, better late than never, right?

Just a few days ago, Overclocked Remix released its first original soundtrack composed by Another Soundscape (including one track by djpretzel), and it’s quite a treat!

I’d never heard of the game, Kaleidoscope, until now. It appears to be a platformer developed by Morsel Games for Xbox Live Indie Games. Quite interesting!

Every track here takes a bit of “new” and mixes it with the best of the “old”. In other words, if you love hearing some 8-bit music in a mix, you’ll love this soundtrack. From the beginning to the end, you can see the colorful worlds that make up this game just through the music.

I hate to pick “favorites”, since all the music sounds wonderful, but I admit I can’t stop listening to “variations on navigation (map theme)”. If Super Mario Galaxy had been released on the NES (or even SNES), I think that’s what the map music would’ve sounded like. Beautiful.

To put it in a few words, it’s colorfully nostalgic.

You can check out the thread here, and find the .torrent file here.

Here’s a big thanks to Another Soundscape, djpretzel, and everyone for releasing this original soundtrack!


This and that

Hey all.

*Checks the last time he posted* It has… been awhile since I last posted. Truth be told, nothing much has happened in that time. Work is still slow (and still searching for a web application development company that trains – I’m probably just looking at the wrong web sites) and all of that stuff.

I’ve got the base concepts of a standards-compliant static frontend layout down pat (XHTML 1.0 Strict), but my skills for the dynamic backend are… about as sharp as a bowling ball…

So, in the meantime, I’ve taken up learning Java along with ASP.NET (VB specifically), Ruby on Rails, and Django, as they seem to be, for lack of a better description, right up my alley. πŸ™‚ I’ve been enjoying Java, and I will use it in the future, but I do have a partiality towards VB because it is the very first programming language I used.

Anyway, I’m just about finished with my book on Java and I can finally have a base understanding of its concepts – enough to move on to web application development entirely. Right now, I’m looking at Wicket for the web application framework that I’ll learn. I’ve also been looking at Hibernate for the database abstraction tool, but I’ve been reading some posts here and there that state that the concept of persistence (which Hibernate uses) is outdated and the caching technologies of various databases and lighter abstraction layers should take its place. It’s rather confusing, but it wouldn’t be programming if it wasn’t challenging to the mind!

On the flip side of the coin, for the free time that I do have, I’ve been replaying Diablo II: Lord of Destruction on the USEast realm. I’ve been watching Diablo III, and I think it’s going to be awesome once it’s finished (same for World of Warcraft: Cataclysm).

Anyway, that’s what’s up here – nothing too much!

Final Fantasy IV: Echoes of Betrayal, Light of Redemption (Part 1)

What’s the saying? Better (8 days) late than never?

Well then, hot on the heels of Overclocked Remix’s last arranged album is Echoes of Betrayal, Light of Redemption – an album dedicated to the music of the game of Final Fantasy IV. I must admit, I never really have played Final Fantasy IV much past the beginning, so I’m not too familiar with the original source material and, thus, I can’t really “review” but one or two of these tracks. Nonetheless, I’ll still list my favorites (though I appreciate the great care each remixer has given each remix and all are a joy to listen to).

1 – 01 – Full of Courage (Remix of The Red Wings) by Nutritious

Oh yes! Just like the Summoning of Spirits album, this one starts on the ground running with this beautifully epic orchestral arrangement of The Red Wings theme.

I remember first listening to one of Nutritious’ earlier works, and, now, anything from Nutritious goes straight to my playlist without question. If you enjoy this remix, like I do, I’d also recommend Step into the Light and Fighting for Tomorrow just a bit further down.

1 – 02 – The Might of Baron (Remix of Kingdom of Baron) by Audio Fidelity

From my short time playing Final Fantasy IV, I’ll never forget the awesome theme of the Kingdom of Baron. So, how do you make an unforgettable theme even better? Well, one way is to totally rock it out as Audio Fidelity has done here! One of my absolute favorites thus far, it is.

1 – 05 – Ana(pro)logue (Remix of Prologue) by Another Soundscape / 1 – 07 – Read the Sine (Remix of Welcome to our Town!) by Mazedude

Now here’s two remixes that should be filed under the “quirky and very cool” category! I especially dig the names of the remixes themselves. Two must downloads.

1 – 08 – Emerald Beauty (Remix of Rydia) by Cyril the Wolf / 1 – 13 – Edward’s Dream Quartet (Remix of Edward’s Harp) by Abadoss and James George

Looking for something a bit slower? Check out these two absolutely gorgeous mixes.

2 – 02 – Metal Mage (Remix of Palom and Porom) by Cyril the Wolf and OA

I love this short but sweet mix. I had a smile the whole time while listening to this. Definitely check it out. πŸ™‚

2 – 06 – Rhymes with Elixir (Remix of Chocobo Chocobo) by The Scuba Divers featuring Liontamer

Oh man, now here’s a remix that defies categorization. I wasn’t expecting a “Team Gato” in this album! A must download, that it is!

Naturally, I’ve heard nothing but amazing music thus far and I continue to be amazed with all the talent these artists display time and again. Definitely check out all of these arrangments and listen to them one by one as they are well worth a spot on your playlist and have loop power levels of over 9,000. I look forward to downloading and listening to more awesomeness – I’m on track 17 of Act 2 – dang dial-up 😦

Thanks Overclocked Remix!

Remixed music loopage for the week

Hey there.

This is a list of music I’ve downloaded that has been vying for attention on my repeat button on my media player. πŸ™‚

Well, this list is basically all from OC ReMix, this week. Some of these songs were submitted and approved over a month ago, but I’ve been a bit off on my video game music downloading and listening. 😦 *puts up giant flame shield*

Ok! On to my string of useless words, which I’d like to call “reviews”, that completely do not do justice to the remixes they are next to.

Final Fantasy VI: ‘Vision of Celes’ by Gorgonian

* An orchestral mix by Gorgonian of Celes from Final Fantasy VI (one of my most favorite games of all time). So – Orchestral + Final Fantasy VI + Gorgonian = For The Win.

Phantasy Star Online: ‘Ragol Weather’ by zircon

* Oh wow. This is an awesome to the ‘ness fusion piece here. I’ve been developing a love for the sound of fusion lately, and this song only reinforces it. Definitely check it out. On one hand, this song reminds me of the map theme of Grandia III in a strange way. On the other hand, I really hope zircon works with this genre some more. πŸ™‚

Final Fantasy IX: ‘The Rose General’ by katethegreat19

* A. gorgeous. vocal. masterpiece. Wow. This is a vocal remix of Rose of May (Loss of Me) from Final Fantasy IX. Beautiful vocals. Gorgeous song. Final Fantasy. Download now. πŸ™‚

Final Fantasy VII: ‘The Shinra Shuffle’ by The Runaway Five

* Oh. Em. Gee. Love jazz? This is live, kick axe stuff right here. Absolutely amazing! Definitely download this, and check out the band’s website!

Little Nemo: The Dream Master: ‘Sunshine Through My Window’ by metaphist

* I remember playing this wonderful gem of a game when I was a little kid. Now that I’m a bigger kid, I don’t play my (half-not-working) NES, but I still have fond memories of Little Nemo, so it’s great to see this game get remixing love like this very sweet mix from metaphist. This mix is definitely one to go to sleep by, and I mean that in a good way.

Neverwinter Nights: ‘Kara-Turian Nights’ by Ceracryst

* Asian-style orchestra meets Neverwinter Nights. I admit, I haven’t played this game much at all, but I fully appreciate this beautiful mix. Definitely a download and keep, even if you haven’t played the game itself.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past: ‘Sacred Flute’ by Blue.Nocturne

* Remember the flute boy you meet initially in the Light World in Link to the Past? The song he plays lasts but seconds. Blue.Nocturne’s mix greatly expands upon that very limited material that’s available and does a spectacular job on creatingΒ  a full-fledged mix out of it.

Chrono Trigger: ‘Corridor of Time (Time Warp Mix)’ by The Vagrance

* Corridor of Time (the theme of the Kingdom of Zeal in Chrono Trigger) has received a lot of remix love, so it’s always a treat to see a different rendition of a heavily remixed tune. This mix fades the main theme into the background while expanding upon it with a breakbeat-ish (I think) piece in the forefront. Corridor of Time’s one of my favorite Chrono Trigger songs, so even if there’s 5,000+ remixes, that’s 5,000 mixes to enjoy, plus one more – this one. Awesome mix.

Anyway, that’s some of the music I’m into. I’m always willing to talk about favorite songs or what have you. Hit me up via e-mail if you want to chat about your favorite songs, remixes, or complain about the “things” I call reviews. πŸ™‚

Hilarious videogame reaction chart

Hey there.

I was surfing the “interwebz” as usual and came across this hilarious image from GameSpy. It certainly does describe the usual reactions, in my view. Numbers 2 and 6 made me laugh out loud. πŸ™‚

A humorous videogame message board reaction chart from GameSpy

A humorous videogame message board reaction chart from GameSpy

As for PC gamers, I do believe all of the reactions would be “LOL @ All”.

And here’s a link to the original picture:
Videogame Message Board Reaction Chart

How well do you know HTML?

Long time, no post! (Sorry about that.)

Check out this little and fun quiz below – it asks you some questions about HTML in general and some of its elements. How well do you know your HTML? πŸ™‚


I missed one question about HTML 5, and I had to guess at the character code question. So, basically, 19 out of 20 here – how about you?

Create your own “canned” responses

Have you ever needed to reply regularly to several issues in a timely (and “canned”) manner? If so, the Form Letter Machine from Donation Coder is for you.

From the official website:

The Form Letter Machine is a program that will help you to write letters and emails by mixing and matching from pre-written paragraphs.

It’s useful for people who regularly need to send out emails which include different components in different circumstances. For example if you field technical support requests, or if you need to reply to various inquiries, etc.

It enables you to assemble text from multiple paragraphs, each one customized for a specific type of inquiry or response. You can build your own configurations using checkboxes and radioboxes and nested groups, and then easily write new letters or respond to inquiries by checking off the components you want to include. A real-time preview allows you to view the message as it is composed. The program also supports user defined variables, which allows you to quickly personalize the template with a name or other data that is specific to the task. The text is then copied to the clipboard and can be used in your e-mail program or word processor.

It initially comes with just one configuration tree (where you can set a reply to someone based on: whether they are an employee or not (for instance), what their problem is, and, finally sign the letter with your name (or someone else’s name).

Here’s an example:

A typical Microsoft Word issue...A typical Microsoft Word issue…

This program, while quirky and hilarious, is quite useful for sending out replies to many issues regularly to many people.

The program itself is right at 2 megabytes, so it’s a very quick download. You can also view a Flash video of it in action. Worth the download!