A Boy and His Blob!

Quite a few interesting games are scheduled for the Wii and the DS this quarter, however, a developer known as WayForward is developing a Wii version of a real gem from the NES era – A Boy and His Blob.

A Boy and His Blob was an adventure and puzzle game where you used your good blob friend to overcome any obstacles in your path by feeding him jellybeans designed to transform him into various things (like a trampoline or an anvil). 🙂 The idea was quite simple, but it was addictively fun. WayForward is going to bring that very idea into the Wii iteration.

Some screens of this game have been released already, and they look gorgeous.

Check out the screenshots below – from the old to the new:

The game looks absolutely beautiful, and I, for one, cannot wait to play it. There’s also some video footage of the gameplay from IGN as well – check it out!

As for the release date, it’s apparently scheduled to hit retailers sometime this fall.

We can see that publishers and developers are giving older games a chance to shine again and it’s proving to be quite a formidable strategy – I eagerly await this title’s release!

Screenshots from http://www.vgmuseum.com/nes.htm and http://nintendo.joystiq.com/tag/@wii.